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Novosim's mission is to contribute to the world's technological transition.

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What We Do

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E-Mobility Solutions

We embrace the e-mobility revolution and develop products accordingly. Check out the EV AVAS system for pedestrian safety, e-ferry charging systems, and autonomous robots.

Dynamometer Systems

Rotating equipment testing systems for your specific needs. Transmissions, gear boxes, and other driveline components can be validated with our cost effective solutions.

Process & System Health Monitoring

With the help of our expertise in testing and signal processing, we provide IoT based system monitoring solutions. Predictions are based on ML & AI algorithms.

End of Line and Verification Testing Systems

Helping you improve the product quality and comply with automotive standards.

Testing Services

We have more than 15 years of vehicle testing including component sign-off and noise and vibration.

Other Industrial Projects

We take part in the development and manufacturing of products in marine, defence and other areas

Novosim Engineering

High reliability and endurance

Our customers enjoy the high reliability and un-matching customer support support.


We are happy to provide our products and services to more than 50 clients over the last 10 years.

Continuous Improvement

We are working hard to keep our products up to date in order to meet customer demands as quickly as possible.

Product Range

Our product line is evolving to meet the changing demands of the market.

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Work with us on the engineering issues you need.