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About Novosim

Novosim’s mission is to contribute to the world’s technological transition.

Novosim was founded in 2010 by a group of engineers who wanted to democratize the technological development – that with the help of accessing to the data and information openly available. New product development is not bound to certain centers of the world anymore thanks to the information freely available. Starting with the services and bootstrapping through the company life, Novosim has introduced several products the in e-mobility , operational efficiency and  automotive markets. Our affordable product range focuses on simplifying the operations and increasing efficiency.
Novosim uses a distributed manufacturing strategy and assembles the hardware products in-house to make sure that the quality requirements are certainly met. With the help of the training programs, our engineers are trained starting from the junior years of the university whenever possible and given the responsibility to make a difference in the product range regardless of the year of experience.  
Our product range continues to expand in the e-mobility components and peripheral units. Since, these systems require constant connectivity and real time monitoring, our IoT solutions are developed to support these systems and provide the basement for our customers for transition to the digitalization.
With the cooperation of our business partners, we are looking to provide accessible and affordable products to our customers and increasing our contribution to the marvelous shift occurring in the way the operations are conducted. 

Company Values


We like to build stuff.


Like to differentiate ourselves when possible. 


World is changing so fast with a big competition in technical areas, speed puts us forward in the race.

Excellent Support

Customer support constitutes one of the founding reasons of our business.

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