Autonomous Picker Robots

Createchnic (, our sister company, is a manufacturer of automation systems for the logistics industry. With their 10+ industry and Novosim’s engineering experience, companies collaborated on the development of autonomous picker robots.

With the increasing demand in e-commerce and complex operations in various operations, innovative solutions are required to extend operations to 7/24, meet delivery targets and increase correct picking.

Also, during an 8 hr. workday, field operators may not sustain an efficient operation. All these reasons lead to finding a solution that can support the daily operations.

As well known, AGV units are widely used in different applications. However, picker robots are in an increasing trend for the last 6-7 years thanks to the increasing demand in e-commerce and similar applications. Therefore, different products are getting ready to meet various operational modes.

Autonomous Picker Robot

Technical Details:

  • Boxes and regular shaped items can be picked and placed on AGV units.
  • Navigation with the help of CCTV and on-board cams.
Weight~80 kg
Operational ModeAutonomous
Load Capacity20 kg.
HeightExtend up to 1.7 m.
Battery / Battery Life/10 hr.
Avg. Speed (m/s)1 m/s
CameraCCTV Cams / On board
Gripper Type / ForceVacuum

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