Axle Test Benches

Novosim provides 2 types of benches for axle testing:

  • End of Line Quality Monitoring Benches
  • Axle Gear and Rotating Parts Durability Testing Benches

End of Line Quality monitoring benches are widely used in the end of production line to quickly check for any anomalies in the system such as;

  1. Unexpected noise and vibration levels
  2. Overheating
  3. Not reaching desired rotational speed levels (rpm)

General Operation Goes as follows:

  • Quality engineer defines a test scheme (generally max. 5 mins ramp up, constant speed, run down in different directions). This scheme is used by testing operators on the field.
  • Operator connects the axle shaft and selects the scheme. Reads in the barcode of the product (if available) and starts the test.
  • Operator subjectively evaluates the system while acceleration, noise, temperature and rpm data is collected and processed by Novosim analysis software.
  • When the test is completed, a report is automatically generated with related graphs and product information.
  • Data is stored in a company server for future reference.

Detailed information on the capabilities of the system and the user interface are given here.

Axle Gears and Rotating Components Durability Testing are commonly used in development phase of these systems.  General properties include;

  1. Running predefined durability cycles
  2. Control software monitors the vibration (and noise levels if required) levels and stops the testing before any failure occurs so the design engineers can identify the exact locations of crack initiation etc
  3. Electric is regenerated to keep the operational costs at minimum.
  4. Torque, vibration, temperature, noise levels are analyzed for any possible error states.
  5. System is designed depending on the durability cycle requirements.
  6. Safety of mechanical and electrical design is taken under consideration.
  7. Operator can run the tests from a remote location.

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