Delivered End of Line Test Systems to Italy

Quality monitoring and keeping statistical information for each product is very important before delivering out to final customer. End of line quality systems help save  re-work time and delivery costs of units which may have assembly errors.

Data generated from the tests are analyzed and provide further information about possible system level variation in production. With the help of a very simple user interface, different test routines may be prepared by operators and start testing in plug and play time frame.

Options include ;

  1. Data acquisition with accelerometer and microphone and check for vibration and noise levels for batch comparison,
  2. Barcode reading for products with hand-held wireless barcode readers (or camera),
  3. Finger print or card access to test systems,
  4. Other options may be discussed regarding requirements.

Novosim end of line test systems have been developed with huge amount of customer feedback and have been in use for the product to prove its efficiency and reliability.

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End of line test bench for quality monitoring



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