Dynamometer and Testing Systems

Novosim offers turnkey dynamometer-based automotive testing solutions. A comprehensive range of solutions are available for rotating system component testing; starting from simple systems to more complex high power systems.

Our expertise in automotive testing led to many successful applications which are customized to fit each customer’s unique specifications. A photo from a 280 kW input system with regenerative braking is shown here;

Rotating System Dynamometer
Testing System Overview

Considering safety, long operational life, and energy efficiency due to the system’s regeneration capability, driveline components, including axles, transmissions, transfer cases, and shafts can be tested under various scenarios.

Our customers enjoy the newly introduced test scenario definition tool in order to make sure that torque and rpm values are within hardware limits. With its drag and drop capability, it is very easy to use and in case if the test scenario exceeds any of the hardware limits, the software highlights the component which is not suitable for the planned test.

Also, we support our customers in choosing the correct components and dimensioning their dynos.

An easy to use user-interface; simplicity in setting up and running a test scenario is our ultimate goal. Operators in a test center can quickly get trained and start running various scenarios.

Heavy-duty, automobile, military vehicle components can be tested on our rigs.

Data Acquisition:

Slow channels are collected through the PLC unit including sensors such as; thermocouples, RTD temperature, pressure, etc.

Fast channels are collected through DAQ systems depending on the application and customer preference. These channels include; accelerometers, microphones, tachometers, etc.

All data is collected synchronously during the test run. Once the test is completed, the data can be exported to an Excel file or a report can be automatically generated where user comments can be entered describing the test scenario.

For noise measurements, an acoustic enclosure can be provided. Also, engineering support is available for the correlation of the vehicle to rig data.

If you want to have a further discussion about a possible project, feel free to contact us.