E-Ferry Charger Systems

In cooperation with Elkon engineering, Novosim works on the development and manufacturing of electric charger units for marine e-vessels.

Environment-friendly transportation modes are being forced to meet these targets. Novosim is very proud to be a part of this action by contributing to the development of high-capacity chargers for marine transportation.  After the realization of the e-ferry project and the sustained efficiency, especially ports in Northern Europe are investing in both e-ferries and charging systems.

Traceability is a key factor in monitoring the vessels. Also, standardization is on the way with the help of the data collected from various ports. Therefore, our IoT-based charging systems collect and process the data from various locations to monitor process efficiency and to provide insights for improvement.

Sensor Testing Unit
Charger Unit Connectors

Technical Details:

The system is automatically activated and communicates with the ship before starting to charge. Positioning and connection to the ship-side plug is achieved autonomously. Depending on the battery capacity and the charge level, for example, as in the e-ferry case, a 20-minute charge will be enough for a round trip in between the ports.

  • Nominal 2.1 MW Capacity (can be increased)
  • Standart Product Dimensions: 5 m x 3.4 m x 3.5 m (Range: 4m in vertical direction)
  • Automatic connect, charge and disconnect
  • Robust against weather and tidal conditions – no loading on the charging structure with a novel design
  • Universal head for different plug types – first in the world with the capability

We provide the ideal charging systems with partner company Elkon combining our expertise in electromechanical systems with Elkon’s electrification and automation experience and providing the best of both worlds for our customers.  

With the whole system turn-key solution, our customers do not need to look for a 3rd party supplier for such units anymore.

For further information please feel to connect from info@novosim.com or contact page.