Engineering Development Support

NVH Testing and Development Efforts include;

  • Vehicle Noise and Vibration development for meeting interior noise targets.
  • Noise and vibration post processing is done with Novosim’s In-House Acoustic Processing Software.

For commercial vehicle development microphones are generally placed in various locations (generally close to engine compartment) and data is collected under cruise, WOT and coast down conditions. Subjective evaluations are compared against processed data. All results are reported in waterfall and 2d graphics in order to understand the possible root cause of the problem. In general orders related to any rotating components and resonance frequencies are identified and related to related component.

time versus frequency and noise levels

Novosim works on improving vehicle level NVH by improving vehicle leakages, selecting sound package (selecting proper materials after completion of absorption and Sound Transmission Loss Tests) , engine mounting analysis and selection, improving axle and gear related noise.