Gear Systems

Development of gear systems require evaluation of noise, vibration and durability attributes. Depending on the contact pattern generated under loaded conditions, transmission error may vary resulting in a variation of noise levels. This is a very important subject for both conventional and electric powered systems.

Another aspect is durability of the teeth surface (contact durability) and teeth root (root durability). In order to predict the stress distribution on tooth surface different approaches are available Novosim is working on  predicting tooth stress distribution under loaded conditions.

Novosim axle testing dynamometers are under development.  Also, for quality checking , end of line test systems for axles are widely used in industry. These systems provide our customers with cost effective and reliable solution to improve and control their production quality. All necessary information including, temperature, noise and vibration levels are illustrated with a report. In case if an out of range product is being tested, operator will be warned and if necessary, this specific axle will be sent back to manufacturing for controls.

For dynos, our software checks for any anomalies in the vibration and noise data, to make sure that the correct system components are identified before damaging the whole system. Novosim axle testing systems have been in use in EU , with 7/24 support availability.

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