Other Industrial Products

Defense Industry:

Novosim takes part in the development of products for defense industry. Some of these products are related to vehicle and vehicle sub-systems and some are related to acoustic and visibility traces or signature of systems used in this industry.

Acoustic Traceability (Signature):

Acoustic signature is related to tracking and identifying the systems with the help of their noise properties. There are several issues that should be taken into account for designing units for reducing the traceability with different sensors and products while maintaining the functional properties. Durability, heat management, coating, backpressure, accuracy, and smoke are other parameters that may be inspected to develop a product for this purpose.

All these parts require rigorous design, analysis, and testing before being released to the field. Therefore, the design process is supported by finite element analysis, computational fluid mechanics, and other simulation methods. During the testing phase, several trials need to be done because of the possible variations, the behavior of the responses change non-linearly. These variations are hard to foresee because they are mostly related to manufacturing tolerances.

Novosim can support the whole design and manufacturing process. For further details please feel free to contact info@novosim.com

Marine Industry:

We are taking part in the development of marine acoustic packs for engine rooms and meeting cabin noise level targets. Choosing appropriate materials and thickness help meet the targets in main and other cabins. Application of the materials on the ship hull is a part of the work. Finally, after the completion of the installation, all interior measurements are done to make sure the target levels (related to Class or benchmarks) are met.