Process and Health Monitoring (IoT)

There is an increasing demand on the real-time monitoring of various devices and processes during an operation. One of the most important reasons is because there are different machines or devices distributed and used in a process. Each of them has their own diagnostic and warning tools and do not provide a common interface.

Therefore, with the help of different types of sensors and cloud-based architectures, these processes can be easily monitored and real-time visibility can be gained.

Especially for 7/24 running operations where a small failure can lead to unwanted outcomes, early detection of anomalies with the help of the processed data can save a lot for the company.

Novosim has been developing various testing and monitoring systems for more than a decade. The most important part of the Internet of Things (IoT) projects is making sure that the correct data is collected and processed (at the edge if necessary). Acceleration (vibration data), temperature, pressure, sound pressure (acoustics), and more types of data need to be monitored depending on the application. Also, depending on the machine (motor) type, sampling rates and processing type will differ. Our extensive experience in data acquisition and processing creates a huge difference in the accuracy of estimations.

Another increasing trend is making use of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in predictions. Novosim engineers have been using various models including basic statistical models for anomaly detection for different applications.