Vehicle Testing

Noise and Vibration Testing:

Novosim is very experienced in the noise, vibration, and durability development of vehicles. This includes vehicle and component level development including military, passenger, and commercial vehicles. Our team is experienced with internal combustion engines (ICE) and electric vehicles (EV).

Development work includes; virtual and physical product development.

Virtual product development;

  • Finite element analysis (FEA),
  • Gear system design and analysis,
  • Vehicle level simulation.

Physical development;

  • Vehicle noise and vibration testing,
  • Component sign off testing and data processing with Novosim Automated Reporting (NAR),
  • Test system development for durability and quality monitoring (Please check End Of Line Testing Systems ),
  • Material acoustic characterization.

All details for vehicle NVH development is given under Publications  page.

Component Durability and Regulation Tests:

Novosim has been developing and manufacturing testing systems for automotive components. Most of the tests are used for durability and life cycle estimation.

Mechanical testing systems vary from steering systems to axle dynamometers. Please check the following links for further details:

  • Engine Dyno
  • End Of Line Systems

Sign-Off Tests:

Vehicle component manufacturers require sign-off tests when the system is assembled on the vehicle.

These tests are;

  1. Compressor System Sign-Off Tests
  2. Engine Sign Off Tests
  3. Axle Sign off Tests
  4. And other components.

 [M1]Link to end of line testing